Last night (Wednesday 30th November) the Oystercatchers Club hosted their final event of the year to a full house at the Soho Hotel. Exploring the theme ‘Inside the mind of modern marketing leader’, Gill Huber, Managing Partner of Oystercatchers was joined by Jo McClintock from Trainline, Ben Carter from Carwow, Kate Davies from The Guardian and Rankin, Photographer and Founder of Rankin Creative.

Together, they explored how pandemics, recessions and touch market drivers have shaken our industry, keeping CMOs awake at night and changing the ways marketing leaders need to operate with tech, data and creativity to connect with modern consumers.

They also discussed how they’ve adapted to nurture, persuade and break the rules to get consumers to ‘care’, share their secrets on the types of agencies that help them to thrive, and divulge their biggest responsibilities and regrets along the way when it comes to pitching, partnerships and processes.

A new video series by the team at Rankin Creative, titled ‘Through the Lens‘ was debuted at the event, where top marketers from ITV, TK Maxx and Channel 4 also offered their thoughts on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing CMOs.

The video series sees CMOs discuss a wide range of topics such as reaching and engaging customers, and the key to a successful relationship with agencies. It will also explore their own creative motivations and as well as culture and mental health. The CMOs interviewed include EY’s John Rudaizsky, Natwest Group’s Margaret Jobling, TK Maxx’s Deborah Dolce, ITV’s Jane Stiller, Channel 4’s Zaid Al-Qassab and Manchester United’s Ellie Norman to name a few. The teasers can be watched here, with the full series due to be released soon.