To help your brand achieve excellence, we break down the process of creative development for your business, specifically exploring the common themes driving your creativity, before reviewing how work is produced  and how you perform against your own criteria. 

We shape participants’ creative activities and work through immediately applicable and real-life guidance, exploring common themes that drive creativity. Some of these include: 

  • Brief writing and how to brief (and the need for courageous focus) 
  • Insight and proposition writing 
  • Creative judgement and delivering transformational feedback 
  • Being the best client and managing your agency  
  • Stakeholder management to help creative ideas nurture and grow in your agency  

Our Creative Excellence training is based on a number of principles: 

Participatory learning: Central to our training and proven to successfully embed long term behaviour change; Participatory Learning ensures learning through doing, experiencing practical exercises, real-life experiences and practioner-led discussion. Every session is supported with best practice techniques and relevant case studies 

Fully customised: We design our learning to focus on your specific goals to get to the heart of your business challenges and we incorporate your processes and needs into our training. 

Expert trainers: Our trainers are subject matter experts and practitioners. We walk the talk. 

Live learning: All our workshops can be delivered in-person or online, and incorporate business cases to offer insight into real-world business challenges to provide the most practical learning experience. 

Proven methods: We have trained thousands of marketers with 92% of our courses are rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.