The Oystercatchers team had the pleasure of hosting New Business and Marketing Teams from our Oystercatcher Club member agencies for our latest X-Series event, featuring Russell Parsons, Marketing Editor of Marketing Week, discussing the pressing concerns keeping CMOs awake at night.

Led by Club Manager Ludo Graham, Russell delved into the challenges confronting brand marketers in the coming year. The conversation touched on topics such as the evolving role of the CMO, navigating success in a low-growth landscape, and enhancing agency-client understanding.

A key discussion point was the wider economic challenges CMOs continue to face, including responding to an everchanging landscape, consumer’s shifting needs and evolving technology. He expanded on how agencies can aid CMOs in navigating these areas, by ensuring that they remain agile and strategic to allow them to respond innovatively to the latest challenges.

As industry dynamics continue to change, the conversation moved on to high demand marketing skills, and how Marketing, Growth and New Business teams can refine their skill set to enhance the value they bring to their roles.

Pertinent questions were raised during the Q&A, ranging from the impact of flexible working within client:agency relationships, to how to advocate for fair renumeration.

X-Series events like these are exclusive to Oystercatchers Club member agencies, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities within our Xeim brand network. To find out more, or to gain access to these unique events, contact us here.