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How to find your perfect advertising agency

This article was originally published on Rocket Fuel. Finding the right agency partner for you and building a strong working relationship with them is one of the most important parts of delivering effective creative that can drive your next stage of profitable growth. For a scale-up, you might be embarking on a relationship with an […]

Pitching In 2024: How is the pitch process going to change this year?

This article was originally published by Creative Salon. 2024 is forecast to be a turbulent year in terms of new business pitching, with the economy still in crisis the drama won’t subside anytime soon. And the nature of pitching itself is changing. Potential shifts could include a return to more face-to-face interactions, streamlining the process […]

AI’s double-edged sword: Will it help or hinder marketing creativity?

Artificial intelligence was the hot topic of Cannes. At two roundtable events hosted by global production house Tag, in partnership with The Oystercatchers, marketers debated the importance of experimentation and retaining creativity’s human touch as AI’s reach extends beyond simple automation.  This article was originally published in Marketing Week. Artificial intelligence has long been seen […]

View from Oystercatchers: The Robot Will See You Now – The New Pitch Process

Creative Salon speakers to Gill  Huber, Managing Partner of Oystercatchers, on whether AI automation revolutionise the agency selection process, and disrupt the intermediary model? Pitch processes are becoming longer, more onerous and consequently leading to agencies being far more selective about what they pitch for. Is Artificial intelligence (AI) automation, therefore, the answer? We’re already […]

The advertising industry: should I stay or should I go? – View from Oystercatchers

In a new whitepaper exploring the attitudes career choices for commercial communication graduates, Richard Robinson, Managing Director at Oystercatchers, shares his tips on why industries should not be off limits to young people, and how they can positively impact campaigns. Why should graduates enter the advertising professions when marketing careers face turbulent times? What factors […]

X-Series: What Clients Want

This week (Tuesday 21st March), the Oystercatchers team hosted the first X-Series event of year, deep-diving into the topic of ‘What Clients Want’. These events are specifically for Oystercatcher Club Agency members, to provide New Business and Marketing teams with learning and inspiration. Alongside Managing Partner Gill Huber, our panellists Victoria Biggs, Adrian Mooney and […]

Circle Of Trust: Future Of New Business Resides In Trust Between Client And Agency

Creative Salon speak to Oystercatchers Managing Director Richard Robinson, on the help, guidance and capabilities brands leaders need from their agency partners. One of my favourite scenes in Meet the Fockers is a moment of dialogue between Jack (Robert de Niro) and Greg (Ben Stiller) where they discuss ‘the Circle of Trust’. For the purpose […]

View from Oystercatchers: What are marketers top priorities for 2023?

Gill Huber, Managing Partner at Oystercatchers, comments in Propeller Group’s latest report on how clients and their partners can best collaborate in 2023 to navigate changing consumer behaviours. Propeller Group have produced a new playbook offering key insights on marketers’ priorities for the year ahead. The aim of the report is to help brands and agencies […]

View from Oystercatchers: what to expect in 2023

This week (19th October), Oystercatchers’ Client Directors Josh Cave and Alexander Dale were invited to speak at Pimento’s Business Development Club, and share their views on clients’ upcoming priorities for 2023. The session explored clients’ focusses and challenges for the upcoming year, and how clients can make the most of opportunities despite a volatile market, […]

View from Oystercatchers: As inflation bites, will we see more brands turning to in-housing?

This comment was originally published in Campaign. Campaign’s question of the week explores the benefits and drawbacks for advertisers considering setting up an internal agency in a recession. As the economy flounders and inflation remains high, advertisers looking to cut costs may scrutinise more closely their spending on outsourced services – and that includes agencies. […]