Our final Club Evening of the year focussed on The Future of Marketing where our expert panel including Jane Stiller, CMO of ITV, Kerttu Inkeroinen, Marketing and E-Commerce Director at Lucky Saint, Steve Challouma, Chief Marketing Officer at Nomad Foods, and Michelle Spillane, Managing Director, Marketing at Paddy Power shared what’s on the horizon for their brands in 2024.

Alongside Gill Huber, Managing Partner at Oystercatchers who chaired the session, the panellists discussed their opportunities and challenges for the upcoming year. The conversation touched upon the economic landscape, the impact of the cost of living on marketing spend, the challenges of reaching younger audiences, and the recognition of marketing’s role in the boardroom. They shared their strategies for standing out in the year ahead, and how they are showing up for consumers during a period of rising prices.

The role of data and technology was discussed, where speakers emphasised how insights and feedback from their audiences help to drive creative decisions. They also touched on the role of AI in marketing, weighing up the technological advancements with potential risks.

They also explored the role of partnerships and what they require from their agencies going into the new year, with all panellists agreeing they need agencies who challenge their thinking.