In a new whitepaper exploring the attitudes career choices for commercial communication graduates, Richard Robinson, Managing Director at Oystercatchers, shares his tips on why industries should not be off limits to young people, and how they can positively impact campaigns.

Why should graduates enter the advertising professions when marketing careers face turbulent times? What factors do graduates weigh up when choosing communication careers, and – according to agencies, to what extent are they ready for the professional rigours of the workplace? A new whitepaper titled “Should I stay or should I go?” by European Association of Communications Agencies, European Institute for Commercial Communications Education and WARC looks to answer just those.

Commenting on how many graduates saw communications as a way to make a difference for
their cause of choice or brands that they most readily identified with, Richard Robinson, Managing Director at Oystercatchers believes controversial industries should not be off-limits for young people, as they can positively impact their campaigns:

Purpose and product matter if you’re a brand hiring Gen-Z talent for the modern world. Where once tobacco, fossil fuel, alcohol and automotive were the destination of choice for many creative careers, new morals apply with some grads and non- grads looking to involve more values-driven decisions in their careers. However, with every vice comes virtue. Tobacco, fossil fuel, alcohol and automotive all offer Gen-Z the opportunity to be the change they seek. The time is now to create the campaigns and strategies to build the fame & fortune of smoke-free futures, renewable energies, non-alcoholic drinks & destinations, and vehicles powered by electricity, wind, air and water. My top tip is to invest the time to separate fact from fiction. Ask yourself where you will make your mark and build your fame in determining the brands of the future.”

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