Uber Eats is launching a new campaign to help those observing Ramadan this year. The campaign will let users know that thousands of restaurants on the app are extending their opening times to be open for Suhoor. Throughout the month, Uber Eats will highlight some of its amazing Halal Restaurant partners with extended hours to offer Suhoor.

Suhoor is a meal that’s eaten anytime after Iftar (the breaking of fast) and before Fajr (dawn). Often these meals will be consumed late at night, traditionally with limited food delivery options available.

Uber Eats found that in 2023, over 2400 restaurants extended their opening times on the Uber Eats app, catering for those observing Ramadan. Additionally, Uber Eats saw 288 dessert restaurants across the UK extend their hours of operation during the holy month to accommodate those partaking in Suhoor. To champion these restaurant partners, this latest Uber Eats campaign leans into the visual language of neon signs that tell the ‘late night’ story and speak to British Muslims with a celebratory modern aesthetic; not reliant on the typical visual tropes and cliches often used to depict Ramadan.

To ensure that Uber drivers and couriers can observe Iftar throughout the holy month, Uber Eats will bring back its ‘Sundown Spots’ iftar dinners. ‘Sundown Spots’ is a series of pop-up restaurants offering free food to mark Iftar – and support the hardworking delivery couriers and Uber drivers operating throughout Ramadan in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Manchester.

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