Battersea, the animal welfare charity, has today unveiled a new brand platform and 360 campaign in its first work by New Commercial Arts, led by an emotional short film titled ‘The Bond’.

The new platform, ‘We’re All In, For Them’, demonstrates the effort, expertise, and care that Battersea gives to every dog and cat, not just those in their centres, but to many more across the UK and around the world.

The campaign launches with a film, directed by Hector Dockrill (Magna Studios), that tells the story of a new member of staff at Battersea and the bond he forms with a nervous rescue dog he helps rehabilitate. As the film goes on, their relationship builds as we see the lengths that he and his colleagues will go to expertly bring her back to full strength, ready to be rehomed. The joyful spot ends by showing how this display of love, effort and expertise exists not just in Battersea’s centres, but is emblematic of everything they do to help dogs and cats across the UK and around the world – demonstrating how We’re All In, For Them.

Alongside versions that will run across BVOD, Social/Digital (including a 2-minute cut for Cinema), the campaign is supported by a nationwide OOH and Press plan. 8x executions playfully unpack the many ways that Battersea help dogs and cats, like the expert care they provide in their three UK centres, campaigning to improve the lives of dogs and cats, the online training and advice they provide to owners, and the training and funding they provide to other animal organisations in the UK and across the world.

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