It’s Yorkshire Day. And what better way for Yorkshire Tea to celebrate (and help hikers up on the Yorkshire Dales) than to introduce Yorkshire’s newest hero, Archie? 

The Yorkshire Yorkie Day film shows flask-carrying Archie on the loose in the Dales rescuing tired walkers with a proper brew. 

He’s the Patron Saint of the Parched. A friend to the flagging. Armed with a flask of Yorkshire Tea and a kettle of courage, if you’re having a dog day afternoon up on top o’t ’ill and feeling a bit ruff, he’ll be on paw to bring you a proper brew. 

Well, he might be. Because our Archie went a bit off script. 

So while the Swiss have the St Bernard, their iconic rescue dog, turns out our furry little wannabe is a bit more limited, despite his best intentions. But what he lacks in size, practicality and training, Archie more than makes up for in enthusiasm, serving his share of the estimated 13.8 million proper brews of Yorkshire Tea that will be consumed this Yorkshire Day in the UK.

First portrayed as a courageous and audacious Yorkshire Terrier (heroically posing on a hill with hair flowing in the wind and triumphant Marvel-like music playing), he seemed all set to steal the brandy-loving St Bernard’s flask crown. However, our film quickly shows that Archie might not be quite up to the job. 

With a flask that runs out after half a cup (“you can’t dunk a bickie in that”) and lacking in “practicality, size and training”, the film shows Archie getting confused on directions, delivering sub-optimal amounts of tea and totally overshooting a group of walkers in need of refreshment.

Oh well. As the film of the activity laments at the conclusion: “This might not be the answer, but however you spend Yorkshire Day, pack a proper brew.” 

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