Today the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and Ogilvy UK unveiled a bold new campaign to empower men and boys to say ‘Maaate’ to their mates, to challenge misogynistic male behaviour against women and girls nationwide.

‘Say Maaate to a mate’ is a fully integrated campaign combining creativity and behavioural science, and collaborations with comedian Romesh Ranganathan, social media activist Max Selwood and Top Boy and Noughts + Crosses director Koby Adom.

Last year the Mayor of London encouraged men to ‘have a word’ when they witnessed misogyny among their friends in Ogilvy UK’s celebrated marketing campaign. This year The Mayor of London suggests what that word could be: Maaate. One word innovatively seeded into popular culture using fly posters, billboards, a Romesh comedy set, a GIF, a partnership with LadBible and Influencers – all leading towards a seamless interactive film with 270 possible narratives, shot by Koby Adom, in collaboration with Vimeo. The campaign was created by Senior Creatives Dave Anderson and Ian Brassett, and ECD’s Nicola Wood and Andy Forrest.

Many of Ogilvy UK’s businesses again rallied to the cause. Advertising, Behavioural Science, Social, PR and Influence all worked together to create a broadcast film, flyposters, billboards, social assets, partnerships, media coverage and influencer engagement to deliver impact on a grand scale.

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