Whole Earth, the UK’s number one peanut butter brand, has launched a new campaign, promoting its new ‘Whole Earth Drizzler’ product. isobel’s campaign will run in OOH and on social channels, launching nationwide on 20th September. 

The campaign, created by independent creative agency isobel, turns what we know about peanut butter on its head, and uses the line:  Peanut butter, but not as you know it.

The Whole Earth Drizzler product is a category first – a drizzle-able peanut butter with a runnier texture that comes in an easy-to-squeeze bottle, so you can simply drizzle peanut butter on everything from pancakes to porridge.

To bring the idea to life, the posters were created by drizzling real peanut butter into typically British exclamation headlines, such as ‘Golly Gosh’ and ‘Holy Moly’.

The campaign was written by Ben Stump and Simon Findlater, and isobel partnered with artist Alison Carmichael to create the peanut butter headlines in beautiful typography.

Ben Stump Creative Director at isobel states:  “‘Bloomin’ Heck! A peanut butter you can drizzle? Whole Earth Drizzler is an absolute game-changer for Peanut Butter lovers, and we were delighted to help Whole Earth bring this product to launch.”

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