Did you know you can book not only cars and bikes on the Uber app, but trains too? A large majority of the UK doesn’t, so Uber aims to change that with the launch of its campaign ‘Trains, now on Uber’ which goes live this week.

The new campaign, developed by Mother, dramatises this famous brand’s latest feature by using behaviours and language that’ve become synonymous with everyone’s Uber experience – like the awkward wave to the driver, or the way you confirm you’re getting into the right car. The campaign plays on these, adding a new twist to reference the world of trains. The work also highlights that you get 10% back in Uber Credits on every ticket to spend on Trains, Rides, or Eats.

To establish this new connection between Uber and trains, Uber targets the audience at key points along their travel journey – aiming to own the in-station environment. Outdoor and station takeovers play with language and iconography that is unmistakably Uber. Nine of the UK’s busiest rail hubs and key commuter stations form one of the largest rail-specific campaigns of recent times, which includes live location-specific messaging on digital screens to help passengers find the next departure to key destinations.

Continuing with the comedic take on travel, Uber launches two films. They show Uber users interacting with train drivers as if they’re Uber drivers – double-checking the booking name, asking to be dropped near the station – the witty performances are resolved with a simple end-line: ‘Trains, now on Uber’.

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