Scottish Widows has unveiled a “first-of-its-kind” digital tool and supporting campaign that raises awareness and understanding of the gender pension gap. The insurance and pension provider worked with Adam & Eve DDB and Zenith UK on the digital tool.

The insurance and pension provider wants to highlight that the gender pension gap is double the size of the gender pay gap, according to the latest data from Scottish Widows. This found that the gap between the average woman’s and man’s pension grows from £100 to almost £100,000 between the ages of 22 and 65.

“Beat the gap” combines data from Scottish Widow’s annual Women & Retirement Report with Office for National Statistics data on average incomes and working patterns to show how women are personally affected by this “hidden inequality” and how the gap will unfold throughout their working lives.

The tool asks a set of simple life questions before revealing the size of the pension gap individual users will likely experience, alongside the moments when their outcomes differ from men’s. It then provides tailored tips on navigating these challenges to help women advance in a pension system more suited to men.

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