We’ve all done it, sneezed into our sleeves, wiped snot onto our trousers, blown our nose into our curtains (ok maybe not that one). That’s why FCB Inferno are launching a new ‘Save the Sleeve’ campaign for Kleenex Balsam tissues, which will run on TV, VOD, social, digital and OOH.

Kleenex research shows that although we’re rationally aware we need tissues, lack of preparation means we often reach for inferior substitutes in our moments of need. ‘Save the Sleeve’ turns the spotlight on all these many, many things that we use instead of Kleenex. From the toddler who rubs his nose in his mum’s hair when she isn’t looking, to the teenager who uses his trousers and the student who uses her scarf to catch a sneeze.

The tongue-in cheek campaign encourages consumers to ‘Grab a Kleenex’ instead of anything else, because only a Kleenex will do when someone needs a tissue.

“Our new Grab Kleenex positioning means we don’t live in life’s special moments. We live in the real, messy, unglamorous ones we face every day,” said Matt Stone, Kimberly-Clark Marketing Director UK & Ireland.

“We’ve all been caught without a tissue when we needed one. Save the Sleeve is a bold and simple reminder to be prepared for whatever life (or your nose) throws at you – because your sleeve is no substitute.” he said.

Ben Usher, Creative Director at FCB Inferno said, “Not many brands would dare show that there can be beauty in a bogey hanging off a little girl’s nose. There’s real creative power in reflecting moments that feel true to people. That’s what we wanted to do with the ‘Save the Sleeve’ campaign. First make you smile as you see these raw, sometimes gross human behaviours in all their glory. And then make you realise that maybe you need a Kleenex in your pocket more than you thought.”

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