John Lewis and new creative partners Saatchi & Saatchi have debuted new work offering a different and elevated perspective on the winter sales. After the generosity of giving at Christmas, this campaign shifts the focus to giving in to the things we really desire for ourselves.

Celebrating John Lewis for exactly what it’s known for – premium quality that offers true value - Succumb to the Sale is all about the voice in your head that can’t let a great deal go. Highlighting the unrivalled design, quality and style of this year’s cross-category range, the work spotlights that voice in your ear that won’t let you walk away from great quality at amazing prices. Put simply, exactly the things that makes the John Lewis sale worth succumbing to.

A suite of beautiful, design-led executions sit across digital, social, OOH, BVOD and in store. Across BVOD and digital, the films are accompanied by a playful voiceover that brings to life the inner monologues of what the customer wants, and even the shop tannoys are encouraging us to succumb to the quality and prices that we desire, care of custom audio assets.

Saatchi & Saatchi worked with Man vs Machine to develop an elevated sales platform putting best in class craft and design at the heart of the campaign. Elevating the traditional palette and typography of sale season, Succumb to the Sale retains the expected red, but romances every single detail of the season, showcasing beautiful hero products in a warm, premium palette to stand out in the cold winter months. In the films, the spotlight device is a playful trigger to bring movement and character to the products, whilst heroing them in an iconic, beautiful way.

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