House 337 has created a glamorous TV campaign for Dream Games’ Royal Match that offers a glimpse into the “royal treatment” every player receives. It is the agency’s first work for the gaming company since it won the business last year.

Gold-plated harps and floating game elements highlight the premium experience that Dream Games provides for millions of players through Royal Match. The multi-million dollar TV campaign, which breaks on February 13th, will run for two weeks in 40s and 30s spots.

Mobile gaming has a reputation for being low-brow entertainment with players admitting to enjoying them as a ‘guilty secret’. However, with beautiful graphics, slick gameplay and lovingly crafted characters, Royal Match stands out in the field as a fun way to spend time. This sensation of excitement and engagement is reflected in the new campaign.

The advertising campaign is a first for Dream Games and is part of a major push to propel Royal Match to the top spot in the casual gaming market by driving more players to download the game. Originally launched in February 2021, Royal Match is one of the top three-grossing mobile games in the US, with millions of players signing up each month.

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