Investing shouldn’t feel like a hideously confusing nightmare, investing should be easy and taking control of your finances should feel good.

That’s the message AJ Bell sends out in its new campaign, aiming to dispel any
concerns around difficulty and complexity when it comes to investing that can
act as a real turn-off. AJ Bell promises to make investing as straightforward and
accessible as possible, giving you complete control 24/7, and their new campaign
celebrates this approach.

Feel Good, Investing shifts away from the dry and impersonal tone of financial
advertising and focuses on the emotional uplift people experience when they can
take control of their financial future with ease. With most investment campaigns
focusing on future benefits, we wanted to focus on how investment can feel good
right now, because you’ve taken that step, taken control, and that feels great.

With 15% of current investors not being able to recall the name of their platform
provider, we also wanted to ensure that our brand was one that everyone would
remember. With the gift of the AJ Bell name, we set about creating a brand
mnemonic that would boost branding and memorability, embedding the name
into the hearts and minds of 34m+ people who have some level of savings. The
use of a democratic ‘bell’ in its many guises also reinforces the democratic nature
of AJ Bell, with an offering to suit almost every level.

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