Gala Bingo has created the ultimate advert for bingo fans by cryptically hiding all 90 bingo calls into their latest film: ‘All The Calls”.

After quietly launching classic looking product advert earlier this year, which pointed out 5 bingo calls hidden within the film, Gala Bingo is today revealing that they have in fact hidden all 90 calls within their latest TV ad – and there is up to £50k for grabs for whoever can find all the calls.

The incredible film was achieved through months of script writing, meticulous set design and choreography planned down to the second to create a series of set pieces which could hide all of the calls within them. These set pieces were then captured by attaching a super high-speed camera to an electric bike, which sped through the action at 30mph.

A three-minute version of the ‘All The Calls’ film – which runs entirely in slow motion, showing every single incredible bit of the action – is being launched online so bingo fans can pore over every frame, and find each of the calls cryptically hidden within them.

How we hid all the calls in ‘All The Calls’

The incredibly ambitious film that sits at the heart of the ‘All The Calls’ campaign was developed in partnership between Senior Creative Tom Dixon of neverland, and director Noah Harris of Agile.

The duo started with a longlist of all of the different bingo calls there are for each number from 1 to 90. Then selected a call for each number that would make sense all together as a story.

The production team at Agile then found a location to bring their script to life and started work on the incredibly detailed set, props and casting needed to include each of the 90 calls within the action.

The team then created a detailed map and animatics to help plan out every cast and prop movement, as well as helping to set out the path and speed that the camera would have to move through the unfolding action to capture it all.

Once everything was in place and thoroughly rehearsed, the team rigged a camera shooting at 500 to 1000 frames per second to a controlled electric bike, which flew through the set with the Director of Photography controlling the camera remotely.

The resulting footage was then edited into 30” ad which speeds up and down, and super slow motion long form film. Both films feature a specially slowed down version of Todd Rundgren’s ‘I Saw the Light’ which features on the Gala Bingo’s main ads. The version of the song was created by Factory Studios using a cutting edge application of AI that slowed the track down 6 times without distortion.

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