Through the Lens

DAVID WHELDON | Former CMO & Consultant

David Wheldon, Former CMO & Consultant shares his wisdom from his 40 year long career in advertising and marketing, including how to create work that leaves a lasting impact and one character trait every successful marketer should possess. He also explores how to test what makes a good idea, how creativity has changed with advancements […]

ANNA BRAITHWAITE | Marketing Director at M&S

Anna Braithwaite, Marketing Director at M&S, reveals her unorthodox approach to working as a client, how she relies on her gut instincts and uses them to her advantage, and shares the advice she would give her younger self. Anna also gives us a glimpse into her philosophy on agency partnerships, and why she describes her […]

MARGARET JOBLING | Chief Marketing Officer | Natwest

Margaret Jobling, Chief Marketing Officer at Natwest, shares her insight on her biggest worry in the industry, how we can revive the art of creativity and making products which live up to their promises. When choosing her agency partners, she also discusses the importance of shared values, why it’s imperative that agencies evoke an emotion, […]

KENYATTE NELSON | Non Executive Director at British Retail Consortium

Kenyatte Nelson, Non Executive Director at British Retail Consortium, tells us why he doesn’t conform to the norm of creativity, identifies where modern brands are currently missing a trick, and gives a key piece of advice those in the industry should heed to become a really great marketer. Speaking from his experience in fashion marketing, […]

TANJA GRUBNER | Global Marketing Director at Essity

Tanja Grubner, Global Marketing Director at Essity, shares how she’s broken stigmas and stereotypes in her role, and as a consequence has helped to transform the feminine care industry. She also reveals how she works with agency partners and creative talent to create work that breaks taboos and resonates with women across the world, all […]

PETER SEMPLE | Chief Brand Officer at Depop

Peter Semple, Chief Brand Officer at Depop, shares his secrets on how marketers can do their job ‘well’ to drive cultural conversations around their brand, as well as how to show up authentically to your audience to ensure your advertising doesn’t fall flat. He also discusses how he responds to a brief, the importance of […]

ELLIE NORMAN | Chief Communications Officer at Manchester United

Ellie Norman, Chief Communications Officer at Manchester United talks through the strengths she’s developed in order to tackle demanding challenges, creating welcoming environments to get best out of her creative talent, and how she gets comfortable with taking risks. She also delves into how she evolves the fans’ experience whilst staying true to the essence of […]

JOHN RUDAIZKY | Partner Global Brand and Marketing at EY

In the first instalment of Through the Lens, John Rudaizky, Partner, Global Brand and Marketing Leader at EY talks about what drives him the most, how he defends creative ideas and the definition of being bold, daring and different in order to shape brands. He also discusses the importance of agency partners and how he inspires […]