BBH is putting the spotlight on the nation’s most famous chicken burger – Burger King’s Chicken Royale in a campaign that taps into a truth that for some, the Home of the Whopper, isn’t all about the beef.

But instead of a clichéd food porn shot of a golden chicken fillet gently landing onto a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce, BBH’s response is “We Give Up”. – an idea driven by the fact that, in spite of receiving very little promotion by Burger King, the Chicken Royale is consistently one of the restaurant’s best-selling burgers, and has made a more favourable impression on internet users than rival offerings.

“We Give Up” highlights just how much effort Burger King UK has put into making the Whopper famous; spending multiple millions over the past six plus decades, and even dubbing itself the Home of it – only for certain diners to persistently choose the Chicken Royale when they visit a restaurant.

The campaign has been brought to life in a TV ad where the hero travels through eras, from the 1960s to the 2020s, bombarded by the Whopper ads of the day. Nonetheless, as it comes time to place their order, they ask for a Chicken Royale.

The idea is carried through to out-of-home executions, where diners blissfully enjoy their Chicken Royale burgers oblivious to wall-to-wall Whopper promos, and in print ads introducing the first-ever ‘Chicken Royale Day’, a last-minute replacement for the regularly scheduled Whopper Day, driven by customer love. – To honour the much-loved burger, on Wednesday 7th June the Home of the Whopper® is offering fans nationwide a Chicken Royale for just £1 via the Burger King app.

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