People only go to Pinterest for one-time events – parties, redecorating, special projects. Not as part of their daily life, like Instagram or TikTok. We needed that to change. So, our challenger mindset brought Pinterest to the people, IRL.

In the most everyday way by reimagining core experiences – food shopping, beauty routines, creative hobbies.

Welcome to Possibility Place. It was Pinterest come to daily life, with inspiration visitors could use immediately, for a weeknight recipe, a haircut, a simple, achievable craft.

Thousands showed up, and wanted to stay, and come back again.

We un-digitised Pinterest to create incredibly strong emotional connections that would translate back to online behavior.

By making inspiration tangible, and useful, people finally understood what Pinterest offers.

And we gave them reason to use it regularly in their lives.

Exactly our goal for Pinterest!

“The lines out the door for #PossibilityPlace in London is proof that Gen Z wants their social media to actually inspire them to *do things*. In the real world. Not just scroll through the lives of others. Or distract them into oblivion. But actually create a life they love.” Andréa Mallard Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer.

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