VICE Media Group is uniquely positioned to predict where culture is going next. 

Virtue, the agency powered by VICE, and VICE itself believe in helping navigate change, to contextualize and shape the future for younger generations, for brands and for society.

From the mundane to misfits, VICE Insights announces 2023’s VICE Guide to Culture, ten ‘culture codes’ to help brands maintain relevancy and stay in lockstep with key forces shaping young consumers’ beliefs, desires and norms.

1) How we’ll express ourselves – Gen Z is remixing, modernizing and driving new uninhibited modes of expression.

Codes:  Reclaimed Heritage, Sovereignty of Self, Feel Me

2) Where our motivations will come from – Gen Z is motivated by truth, justice, practicality, utility and turning to those who rebel against outdated societal constructs.

Codes: Insourcing, Hyper Pragmatism, Rise of the Antihero

3) How we’ll choose to engage with the world
– Gen Z demands creativity, innovation and pleasure be table stakes for all.

Codes: Neo-Hedonism, Open Beta, In Pursuit of Pause, New Frontiers

Find out more on Virtue. Click the following link to attend The Vice Guide to Culture Breakfast.