Tetley are today launching a radio campaign that celebrates Tetley Tea as the perfect partner for pausing and re-focusing when distracted.

Led by 5 comedians and actors each of the ads start with an all too familiar interruption of life – an overbearing PTA member, a cringeworthy boss, and a nightmare news reel – slowly drowned out by the sound of a kettle boiling and a tea being made.

Included in the cast are the instantly recognisable voices of Mock the Weeks’ Hugh Dennis, Gavin & Stacy’s Julia Davis, and Peepshow’s Paterson Joseph. Each of the ads is signed off by Queen of the Jungle and former England footballer, Jill Scott. The campaign marks the first work featuring Scott, who is the new brand ambassador for Tetley Tea.

To welcome Scott to the role, the campaign features a playful ad about her where we hear Paterson Joseph plays the role of her agent. We hear him try and get her onboard a new reality TV show called ‘Jungles for Goalposts’ before we hear him quietly admit he’s already signed her up.

Beyond this radio campaign, Scott will be featuring in media interviews, video assets and social content, encouraging the nation to nominate their community champions to win a visit from Scott herself.

The work was created by neverland and launches across national radio stations today and will run across the Autumn.

Find out more on neverland.