Starling Bank has created a new brand platform, with a new positioning, strategy and ad creative developed to mark the beginning of an ambitious year of growth for the bank.

‘The Bank Built for You’ platform celebrates how banking is about more than just money, it’s about the people behind every transaction, and highlights how Starling’s creative money-management tools fit into all aspects of life. The campaign nods to the bank’s approach to product development, building the features customers ask for, and creating an experience that puts people first. The campaign is matched by a media-buying strategy that better reflects how real people engage with content.

The TV campaign features three 30-second ad spots, created in partnership with Wonderhood Studios, which each tell a relatable human story that showcases how Starling is ‘The Bank Built for You’. The spots were directed by Lucy Forbes, director of ‘This is Going to Hurt’ and ‘The End of the F***ing World’.

‘The Dessert’ features a frustrated young woman motivated to move out after witnessing her parents sharing an overly romantic kitchen moment. She uses her ‘Move out’ Starling Saving Space to help her reach her goal.

‘Rinsed’ sees an entrepreneurial young girl washing her parents’ car in exchange for pocket money. She receives the money on her Starling Kite app but, unimpressed by the amount, negotiates for more.

‘Night Owls’ features a hard-working lorry driver on a night shift, encouraging his partner to enjoy a night out with friends. Later on, he receives a ‘Karaoke Bar’ spending notification from her on their Starling Joint Account and he drifts off to sleep with a smile.

The ads will launch in primetime spots on Sky, Channel 4 and ITV, starting with triple and double placements in ad breaks. The integrated, multi-platform campaign also includes channel-specific assets created for YouTube, BVOD, radio, podcasts, social and digital.

The bank’s out of home campaign, shot by Starling’s in-house photographer Gina Atanesian, will land across large scale building wraps in Bristol, Leeds, London and Manchester, as well as across national roadside, rail and underground stations. The sites have been chosen for high reach and impact, ensuring people interact with the relatable stories throughout their day.

Starling’s media strategy, created in partnership with Electric Glue, follows an in-depth audience planning project to help the bank define key market segments for its growth across different life stages, from children to the ‘third age’ generation. The media buy is based on a thorough deep-dive into the real-life media behaviours across these market segments and aims to drive brand fame and salience.

The campaign will run for three months initially and marks the start of a long term marketing strategy underpinned by the new brand positioning and audience strategy.

Find out more on Wonderhood Studios.