A new sexual wellness brand, co-created with Uncommon Creative Studio, launches with the UK’s most sustainable condom with every million sold matched and donated to address condom shortage in Uganda.

Sex is dying. For the first time in history, we’re having sex less than once a week. The biggest problem of our time is the death of our oldest pleasure. SEX BRAND is on a mission to save sex with openness, confidence and education that teaches great sex as well as safe sex.

Launching with their debut product – the UK’s most sustainable condom – not only do they feel good, but they also do good for the planet and vulnerable communities too. Subscription sex can save the world.

These vegan condoms are available on subscription and made using a pioneering and fully transparent sustainable source of rubber, part of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative and will feature the UK’s first-ever fully recyclable PET* condom foil.

And for every million condoms sold, the brand will donate a million more to address the 27% supply shortfall in Uganda in partnership with NGO’s SafeHands and Reproductive Health Uganda.

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