Reese’s continues with its long-held love of putting peanut butter in stuff. As chocolate cups and advent calendars collide, a Christmas stocking is the hero of this tasty work.

The holiday season is almost around the corner, and with the launch of Reese’s Advent Calendars, now is the time to start putting peanut butter in the most seasonal of things, the Christmas stocking. A Christmas morning treat for all good boys and girls; the chocolate stocking is front and centre whilst being oozingly filled with delicious peanut butter. We even see a cameo appearance from Reese’s very own DJ Santa – listening to some banging EDM through those cans.

This film continues the ‘Put Peanut Butter In It’ brand platform for Reese’s – which lives in a mixture of film and always on social content. Driven by the eternal question everyone at Reese’s continually asks, “Can we put peanut butter in that?”.

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