Müller Rice entertains fans with an energetic and playful new campaign by VCCP, repositioning their iconic yogurt as the go-to tasty snack when hungry.

Looking ahead to the winter of football about to kick off, the well-loved dairy brand, Müller, today launches ‘Full On’, the brand’s first Müller Rice advertising campaign in five years. Inspired by the iconic 90’s song by Vanilla Ice, Müller Rice has teamed up with footballer, Declan Rice, and together will be re-working the anthem and raising awareness for the nation’s much-loved rice pudding and repositioning it as the perfect on the go snack for busy young men and women looking to get the most out of their days.

To bring their brand promise to life, Müller has engaged one of the highest profile sportsmen, Declan Rice, as its brand ambassador. Declan is renowned as a playful, energetic and spirited part of every team he plays for, so who better to represent Müller Rice as the tasty snack that packs a punch?

The campaign will roll out across multiple formats including DOOH, radio and social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok for a period of five weeks. At the heart of the campaign, sits the newly adapted ‘Rice, Rice Baby’ track starring Declan Rice. The Radio execution builds on current day football fan culture, and opens with Declan interrupting the original ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ track with his own ‘Rice, Rice Baby’ version, as he soon rallies a chorus of fans who join him. Similarly, the OOH execution features Declan singing into a large megaphone against a backdrop of bold text reading ‘Rice, Rice Baby’.

As part of the campaign, Müller has partnered with LADBible and dedicated social content will roll out across LADbible channels, whilst Müller and VCCP channels will also feature behind the scenes work.

With its first campaign in five years, this campaign brings energy and entertainment to a new audience.

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