Kraken introduces its first global campaign, an important step towards its mission to accelerate the global adoption of crypto, to enable everyone to achieve financial freedom and inclusion. The campaign is the start of a creative partnership between Kraken and Mother, and follows a competitive pitch run by Kraken.

The work is driven by education, with the aim to inspire about the possibilities of crypto – whilst the Kraken brand talks realistically, accurately and inspirationally to audiences. The launch film focused on the tangible, advantages of crypto today, with an eye toward the limitless possibilities of crypto’s future. The line ‘money makes the world go round, crypto makes the world go forward’ features throughout.

In popular culture, Kraken believes there has been too much focus on what’s broken in the current financial system and not enough on crypto’s potential as a driver of financial freedom and inclusion. The brand endline ‘See What Crypto Can Be’ aims to showcase the incredible potential of cryptocurrency to transform lives and revolutionize finance worldwide. “This is our first global campaign for a reason – for 12 years we have grown organically through a great product built on world-class design and performance with a foundation of security and client service,” said David Ripley, Kraken’s CEO. “Now is the perfect time for us to step forward and celebrate Kraken as a mission-driven brand centred around our clients, while helping the next billion people understand what crypto can offer them today and into the future.”

With this campaign, Kraken is laying the foundation for the next crypto bull run by reaching
out to new audiences who will be at the forefront of the next wave of crypto adoption. Using
the opportunity to take a moment to focus on facts, not hype. Kraken seeks to empower
audiences by providing the knowledge and tools needed to be part of this transformative

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