Leading betting operator, Ladbrokes, today launches its new ‘Bring Your Wave’ campaign, that pays homage to one of football’s most iconic celebrations, the ‘Mexican Wave’, and puts it at the heart of the upcoming European Championships and the 2024/25 Football Season.

“Bring Your Wave” features a big production online film, and a large-scale TV and Out of Home (OOH) campaign, all of which celebrates the energy and passion of football fans with a Mexican Wave that ripples throughout a city.

The film starts with a shopper watching a football player celebrate a goal on TV by throwing his arms up in the air, before it pans across to show people on screen throwing their hands up in sequence. The advert cuts to a woman at the end of the line of TVs who throws her arms up, and two cashiers then join in, before the action spills out into a street and spreads like wildfire. The wave escalates and continues into an auction room, a judo class, and a garden, before it cuts to a man tying his shoelaces as the wave ripples through a crowd of football fans heading towards the stadium entrance, before we hear the roar of the crowd.

This is the latest work in Ladbrokes’ ‘We Play Together’ series and was delivered by creative agency neverland. It will launch ahead of the Euro 2024 tournament in a media campaign planned and executed by the7stars.

The adverts will run on TV, video-on-demand and through OOH throughout the tournament and continue into the new Premier League season.

Anna Kochanska from Ladbrokes says: “Bring Your Wave is a rallying cry that will reverberate with football fans across the country. Our campaign celebrates their passion, elation and energy, while playfully capturing the mood of the nation.”

Rich McGrann, Joint ECD of neverland says: “This time we’re excited to bring the world together around the euros with a huge Mexican wave.”

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