Today, Three UK unveils its latest brand campaign, highlighting the importance of emotional connection, and celebrating the power of belonging to many personal networks.

The campaign brings to life how connectivity helps people find a sense of belonging through relatable, real-life scenarios. It is the latest reimagining of the Life Needs a Big Network brand platform, and Three’s biggest campaign since first launching it in 2021.

The fully integrated campaign spans across TV, VOD, cinema, radio, OOH, PR, social, digital and retail – kicking off on 14 June, with spots during the Euro ‘24 Germany v Scotland game on ITV1, Love Island on ITV2 and Celebrity Gogglebox on Channel 4. For the first time, Three has created two 30” TV ads, directed by James Rouse, based on real life insights following two stories that bring to life the power of belonging to a connected network.

The first ad follows the Sharma family, with the eldest son having a crisis of confidence before a job interview. As he escapes to the bathroom, his whole family suddenly appears out of nowhere, through the group chat on his phone. The family give him a rousing pep talk to help him nail the interview.

In the second ad, viewers meet a new mum who is feeling overwhelmed as she struggles to settle her baby. As she walks downstairs in the dead of night, she opens her kitchen door and the room explodes with life. There are several fellow new mums in the room, offering advice, consolation and virtual hugs through the power of a group chat. She might be on her own, but she doesn’t feel alone, with the support of her virtual network.

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