In celebration of its tallest offering, KFC UK&I has launched an ad campaign that stands head and shoulders above the rest, showcasing the Tower Burger.

As a result of the burger’s lofty height, the ads break the mould of traditional media placements. It was a tall-order, but now this burger can be fully appreciated by KFC fans, in all its vertical glory, wherever it shows up.

The campaign also takes a playful approach to horizontal media placements, such as broadcast channels and landscape OOH, by rotating the Tower Burger 90° to fit the screen. This ensures its great height can be fully appreciated, showcasing not only the Tower Burger’s size, but also how finger lickin’ good it is.

On TV, the Tower Burger is rotated 90° to the metallic tune of Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness”, a fitting ballad for a burger with such a high profile.

Social media activity has also been breaking boundaries, emphasising the size of the burger by utilising long horizontal carousels and endless scrolling posts to convey the Tower Burger’s sheer vertical volume. Additionally on social media, ‘regular towers’ will be given the Tower Burger makeover, think Blackpool Tower, replaced by the Tower Burger.

The Tower Burger, which is made with a tasty Original Recipe Fillet topped with a crispy Hash Brown and cheese, is sure to satisfy any fried chicken cravings.

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