isobel has created a fun new campaign for JET, one of the UK’s leading fuel brands, that explores  how JET take the drama out of driving.

Featuring a variety of knowingly OTT films plus digital executions – the campaign features a mixture of everyday people caught up in their own mini ‘Forecourt Dramas’.

A theatrical blue curtain with the words JET PRESENTS sweeps open to reveal a distressed bridesmaid on a JET forecourt. Weeping and whaling she yells ‘we don’t have time to fill up’ only for her mood to change in an instant as her wedding partner announces that it’s all done and they drive off calmly with the end-line ‘here for drivers not dramas’.

In other scenarios we see a driver in full meltdown as the last drop of windscreen washer liquid leaves the tank and a builder in tears because he’s not had his morning coffee! Each of the dramas abruptly cut short by someone using JET facilities to bring them back to reality and back on the road quickly and safely.

“As well as showing how JET do all they can to help drivers ‘Keep on Moving’, these wonderfully fun, silly and ridiculously dramatic films show JET’s human side and character,  highlighting that at JET -  there are no dramas,” said Ben Stump, Creative Director, isobel.

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