B Corp certification may be harder to get than a Pencil, but hand on heart, it’s infinitely more rewarding for everyone and better for the planet. Vicki Maguire, Chief Creative Officer of Havas London, speaks to Campaign Magazine.

Anyone who works in advertising knows our skills extend way beyond selling stuff. We have the power to change hearts and minds.

And while flogging bog roll and burgers can be fulfilling in themselves, when called upon, we can also use our powers to have a go at tackling society’s many problems, sometimes to great effect.

But more often than not, it seems that our industry has a tendency to take a look around the world to see what this year’s hot topic is (is plastic too last season?), then, like the dad in The Incredibles, pull on our ill-fitting superhero suits, jump into our Volvo or Prius and claim, to great effect, via the medium of a case study, that one banner we shared sparked a conversation that shifted culture – just in time for awards season.


I know that sounds facetious. And I’m not dismissing this all out of hand, as I truly do believe that creativity is the most effective tool we have in the fight against society’s most pressing problems, I just think we should sign up for longer than one turn around the awards dance floor…


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