The campaign focuses on the stories of small business owners, dramatising the risks and challenges they may face, through a series of wryly-told scenarios. In the insurance category – which usually plays it safe – this message is bold and brave differentiating and elevating Hiscox’s people focussed offering, with a provocative new tone of voice.

The new work is part of an integrated marketing campaign featuring posters, OOH and DOOH. In addition to conventional media spaces, the campaign also includes a wide range of innovative ‘special-build’ outdoor executions that physically represent the risks shown within the ads. Mud is splattered across one poster site to highlight a client mishap, while seemingly exposed wires dramatise electrical hazards.

Ads that appear to have been duplicated, mis-sized and incorrectly installed are also part of the campaign, running across 17 UK towns and cities. As well as a bespoke blank Metro newspaper wrap in which the inside cover reveals the playful copy about a client missing their print deadline.

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