In response to fast food giant McDonald’s decision to only offer ketchup as a dip, Hellmann’s, the UK’s leading mayonnaise, is stepping in with their own ingenious solution to the savoury issue.

By encouraging McDonald’s customers to customize their order of a Mayo Chicken sandwich by de-selecting the chicken, lettuce and bun, mayo lovers in the UK would receive just the popular dip to then be enjoyed with their fries.

While sachets of ketchup have always been offered at McDonald’s, the UK operation has not made sachets of mayonnaise available, claiming a lack of demand. This decision flies in the face of a recent study by Nielsen showing mayonnaise is the UK’s number 1 condiment. Given the sauce’s beloved pairing with French fries, Hellmann’s decided it was time to take action by offering 1,000 customers a refund for the purchase of the customized Mayo Chicken in the form of £1.19p vouchers, compensating those posting a picture of their McDonald’s Mayo Chicken with only the mayo.

“While McDonald’s doesn’t serve Hellmann’s mayonnaise, we believe that fries with mayo is something all people should have access to,” commented Rachel Chambers of Hellmann’s. “We greatly respect McDonald’s and hope that in seeing customers desire for having a mayo as a dip, they’ll reconsider their position.”

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