The campaign is the debut work of DEPT® and highlights how there’s most likely a Gym Group around the corner – over 50% of UK adults are within a 15-minute drive – thus eliminating the barriers to kicking off the year with a new and convenient workout routine. 

“There’s a Gym Group round the corner” rolls out when people are most primed for change, doubling down on showing how you may be closer to their goals than you think. Knowing how proximity plays a crucial role in achieving fitness goals, the campaign seeks to highlight how The Gym Group breaks down barriers to exercising and gives people a great value fitness experience.

Bad day? There’s a gym group round the corner.
Great day? There’s a gym group round the corner.

Achieving your fitness goals is hard enough without taking two tubes and a bus just for a class. Or rearranging your furniture every time you want to work out. The campaign is brought to life through the lens of all the ways we try and incorporate working out into our routines. Dramatic home workouts, runs in bad weather, living room lunges, makeshift equipment like bags of rice or tins of beans, taking the stairs on the tube…. with one clear solution – the better way to achieve your January fitness goals is at ‘the Gym Group round the corner.’

The through-the-line campaign includes CTV, social, branding, OOH, DoorDrop, and audio, and was created and produced by DEPT®. The digital agency was awarded as The Gym Group’s creative agency after a competitive pitch held in late 2023.

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