Experian is encouraging people to ‘do Experian first’ before they ‘do credit’, in a new campaign from BBH, highlighting how the brand is guiding people and helping them to make better financial decisions.

The ‘Do Experian First’ campaign highlights the benefits of using Experian as a credit comparison service, demonstrating how Experian can help consumers to find credit cards, loans and mortgages that are right for them.

BBH brings to life in a brand new film, a chameleon that steers consumers towards better credit choices and is so keen to impart its credit wisdom, that it interrupts the most intimate of settings. One execution features a chameleon gate-crashing bath time, emerging from the bubbles on a sponge to the soundtrack of Rick Ross’ Hustlin, while a man relaxes and scrolls through credit card options on his phone. The chameleon declares ‘Here to help you bro’, before using its ballistic tongue to change the existing screen to one showing Experian’s credit card options. Ever eager to impart advice, the 30”-second spot ends with the chameleon hugging the side of a toilet bowl, waving the man’s toothbrush and saying: ‘remember to brush’’, before the reptile accidentally drops the toothbrush into the toilet.

The campaign ends with the message: ‘Before you do credit cards, Do Experian first,’ reinforcing that in the current economic climate it’s more important than ever for people to find the right credit solutions for them.

This article was originally published on Creative Salon.