Wine company Echo Falls is reaching out to appeal to the UK’s Swifties ahead of the Super Bowl with a limited edition bottle of wine featuring American football buzzwords.

The biggest sporting event in the US calendar takes place on Sunday, with thousands of extra fans set to tune in, according to experts – thanks to the hottest relationship on the planet.

Since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce started dating, countless viewership records across the sport have been broken – with NBC reporting an extra two million viewers for the Chiefs vs. Jaguars game earlier this season. And fuelling the surge is a formidable force of fans, as research by Nielsen exposed a staggering 37% spike in their viewership since “Traylor” became an item.

Ahead of Sunday, wine company Echo Falls has gone the extra mile to help new fans embrace the game. In a campaign via creative agency Above+Beyond, the firm has released a limited edition set of Echo Falls Summer Berries bottles with their regular labels switched out for one’s revealing the MUST KNOW American Football phrases for newbie fans to blurt out during the game.

The bottles feature four different American Football buzzwords including Tight end, Kickoff, Blitz and Touchdown. Newbie American football fans can also head to Echo Falls Instagram for full explainers on each phrase.

It’s the first time Echo Falls Fruits has changed up the label for its best selling Summer Berries bottle for this event, but with so many new fans that need to “sharpen up” their knowledge tuning in on Sunday, the brand believes it’s a no-brainer. 

Find out more on Above+Beyond.