MARS-owned cat treats brand, DREAMIES™, is calling on humans called Cat to get involved in its latest campaign to demonstrate that no real cat can resist the pull of DREAMIES™ cat treats.


In light of research which claims that 95% of cats find DREAMIES™ treats irresistible, the new campaign created by Adam&Eve/DDB sets out to prove that any cat that doesn’t love DREAMIES™ treats, must not be a cat at all. In fact, the 5% of cats that don’t go crazy for DREAMIES™ treats, must be humans called Cat.

To substantiate this hypothesis, in a multi-channel campaign, the brand reached out to humans called Cat across the UK to determine whether or not they find DREAMIES™ treats irresistible.

Across social, Cats were invited to attend the world’s first ‘Humans Called Cat’ convention under the pretence that they’d be celebrating people with their namesake. In reality, these Cats became DREAMIES™ research subjects.

In a 2-minute documentary style film, we see a series of assessments carried out on attendees – from serving DREAMIES™ cat treats as Hors D’oeuvres to tickling them under the chin and checking whether they’ve ever defecated in their neighbour’s gardens – documenting reactions from their human participants. Attendees appear to leave the convention confused or disturbed, and researchers determine the results to be conclusive – the 5% of cats that don’t like DREAMIES™ cat treats, aren’t cats at all, they’re humans.

The film is supported by targeted activity across interactive DOOH, print, paid social, digital, and radio. The integrated campaign will run in the UK from 11th April.

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