Carlsberg has released a global campaign spotlighting how curiosity is the catalyst for the best things in life. Created by Fold7, “The best things come to the curious” features a 40-second film that takes viewers on a trip through time.

It opens with a vibrant festival setting in the present day to the tune The 900 Number by The 45 King. Viewers are then transported through the “hop” icon from the Carlsberg logo, which is at the centre of the campaign, to a swanky bar during the jazz age, an 18th-century music recital, a troop of dancing Romans, a field where a shepherd is playing the flute and a cave full of whistling cavepeople.

The various time periods depicted have different versions of the soundtrack depending on the era. The film ends with a voiceover saying: “Do the best things begin with curiosity? Probably.” Carlsberg’s “probably” tagline remains a key part of the refreshed creative platform.

The spot was directed by Sam Pilling through Magna Studios and created by Dave Billing, Rob Griffiths and James Hudson.

Billing, executive creative director at Fold7, told Campaign that developing the new platform for a global push required plenty of research into different markets, identifying societal and cultural trends.

The new creative platform will roll out across the UK, Asia, South America and Europe throughout the year and into 2025. Carlsberg said it is the first time it has developed a single-minded global brand platform across all markets.

“We went deep,” Billing said. “[You have to take] 15 steps back and go, ‘how do we articulate [what feels true to the brand] in a way that just seems entertaining, simple and fun?’ Because there is this great legacy with Carlsberg.”

When it came to choosing the music for the film, Billing said that this was the “trickiest” music brief he’s ever come across because of how specific it was. “The team wanted something that would be recognisable globally, something without lyrics and something short that could be reimagined in different ways,” he said.

The chosen track has been sampled many times before, which made it particularly appropriate for this campaign because so many people have experimented with it over the years.

More than 100 assets will support the 40-second film, including 15-second social films highlighting how curiosity has caused the creation of many enjoyable pastimes, such as football and the Charleston.

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