Wall’s known as Kibon in Brazil, and adam&eveDDB‘s new campaign ‘Skinvertising’ aims to reach their target audience in new ways, on the beaches of Brazil.

Due to policies restricting the visibility of brands around the beaches of Brazil, ice creams can struggle to be visible when customers are likely to want them the most. To tackle this issue, Kibon came up with an innovative solution, which involved using permanent and semi-permanent tattoos as a form of advertising.

The campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, saw permanent tattoos applied to a number of Kibon superfans who chose from a selection of Kibon Tattoos developed as part of a collaboration between Kibon and Brazilian Tattoo artists Talita Persi and Ziza.

The campaign also included social, influencer, and OOH advertising, including walking human billboards, which drove footfall to Tattoo and Ice Cream parlours that sprung up in kiosks at Ipanema and Leme Beach, where consumers were encouraged to advertise Kibon on their bodies in return for free ice cream.

The more consumers’ skin was covered with Kibon advertising, the more free ice cream was handed out, with an estimated 4,000 semi-permanent tattoos and 4,000 free Kibon ice creams distributed over 2 days.

After the event, Kibon celebrated their superfans’ tattoos by making them the stars of their social and OOH campaign around Rio.

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