Andrex, the Kimberly Clark-owned toilet tissue brand, is encouraging the nation to challenge its toileting taboos with the launch of a bold new brand platform, created by FCB London.

At the heart of the ‘Get Comfortable’ platform is the truth that too many Brits are held back by their prudery and embarrassment about going to the toilet, and don’t have a healthy relationship with their everyday bodily functions.

Andrex, the UK’s biggest toilet paper brand, is tackling this issue head on and encouraging the nation to engage with their intimate wellness, by showing us there’s a better way. FCB London brings this to life with a suite of assets, marking a distinct break not only from past Andrex campaigns but with the whole category.

The launch film, called ‘First Office Poo’, starts with a woman who unintentionally does an audible fart in front of her colleagues. A brief, awkward pause follows before she looks down to see the Andrex puppy under her desk, giving her an encouraging nod.


Emboldened, she takes control of her destiny, grabbing a roll of Andrex and then striding purposefully through the office with a toilet roll in hand. As the music builds to an assertive crescendo, the film ends with her entering the toilet, confidently owning her actions.

Directed by lauded commercials director Andreas Nilsson, the film is visually striking with an arresting soundtrack but no voiceover, simply finishing with the words ‘Get Comfortable’ and the Andrex logo. Also absent are the usual toilet paper ad tropes, such as closeups of brand packaging and gleaming white bathrooms.

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