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RT @BaTracey: @Oystertweet @havaslondon worth reading thank you @petercowie https://t.co/yj3qvRpA5q
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To help with stress, make love and get a mattress topper #AWEurope #greatrelationships #goodsleep https://t.co/AkY8eCb9iq
"Distractions in your life can make the biggest difference to your mental health" @NABS_UK @AW_Europe
'Stress causes you to make poor decisions without realising you're doing it' #AWEurope @NABS_UK #youcantfixitall
'When you walk into a meeting do you put pressure into the room, or take it out' interesting thoughts from @Sukithompson session @AW_Europe
'Be aware of your actions: you either bring stress in or take stress out of the room' #AWEurope https://t.co/uP51YsZiFQ