Today, Müller milkshake brand FRijj launches its first new ad campaign in eight years, created by Müller’s creative agency of record VCCP London, marking Müller’s move to continue to significantly invest in a major brand refresh.

The campaign aims to dramatise what happens when the nation feels ‘the URjj’, playing FRijj’s distinctive tagline ‘Feel the URjj’ – a line that has been in place for nearly 10 years.

A series of distinctive special-build OOH billboards sit at the heart of the campaign, each aims to bring to life the power of ‘the URjj’. This campaign follows on from the success of the award-winning Müller Corner out of home builds in 2022, where billboards across the UK were seen to ‘bend’ in the corner.

Each OOH site has a FRijj bottle-shaped hole in the centre, to give the illusion that someone has risked it all and embraced ‘the URjj’: grabbing the bottle from the poster. The special-build OOH sites each come with a cautionary disclaimer: ‘Warning: contains thick and creamy milkshake’.

The special-build billboards can be seen in four locations across London and Birmingham. Additional OOH sites across the country will display posters which feature the recognisable cow print pattern and advises caution due to FRijj’s delicious taste: ‘Warning: this ad may cause the URjj’.

The campaign will also run across radio and social. Across both formats, executions dramatise the moment when ‘the URjj strikes’ – often when you least expect it. In radio, there are two different comical scenarios in which ‘the URjj’ has struck at an inopportune time: one of which is during a first date, the other during a wedding. In the social executions, disclaimers advising caution and pixelated visuals are used to demonstrate the irresistible power of the URjj.

This campaign builds on FRijj’s ‘Feel the URjj’ platform, which encourages the nation to risk it all, act on impulses and feel the URjj. It aims to encourage consumers to take a moment to feel, not think – and enjoy a cheeky milkshake.

The campaign follows Müller’s recent multi-million pound Masterbrand TV campaign, ‘Love every bit’, which launched in July. Müller also recently redesigned its branded packaging and tapped into the ‘nowstalgia’ trend with Magic Eye Inc® executions to drive awareness of its new Müller Corner Originals range.

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