Morrisons is bringing back “More Reasons To Shop At Morrisons” including a rework of the iconic jingle. Created with Leo Burnett, the major new advertising and brand campaign debuts  tonight on Coronation Street. It will celebrate the real and motivating reasons why customers choose Morrisons, in a funny and relatable way.   

Following research* into Morrisons distinctive brand assets, the campaign will see the return of the “More Reasons To Shop At Morrisons” strapline, which was introduced in Sir Ken Morrison’s time and still resonates strongly with consumers despite last being used in 2006.

The “More Reasons To Shop At Morrisons” jingle also showed a very high level of brand recall and salience in the research and so it has been refreshed with a modern twist, while retaining all the familiarity and nostalgia of the much-loved original. Morrisons bold new brand world and visual identity builds on the original branding. Specifically, the green and yellow colour duo and tree logo has been modernised and remains central to the new campaign after performing strongly in the research.

At the heart of the campaign, a series of seven 20” adverts focus on a different ‘reason’ to shop at Morrisons in a vox-pop and humorous style, direct to camera. The down to earth and unmistakably British films all end with the catchy new jingle and highlight Morrisons Market Street counters such as the freshly-baked doughnuts, the 100% British meat sold on Morrisons butcher counters, the fresh produce, the ‘iconic’ salad bar and the popular café.

A further ‘reason’ is the new More Card loyalty programme which can be used as a physical card or app and has been trialled in a number of stores over the last few weeks. Customers will now be able to earn points on selected products and counters in store and online as well as earning five points for every litre of fuel purchased in a Morrisons petrol filling station. Once a customer has saved 5,000 points, they will receive a Morrisons Fiver which can be redeemed on a future shop, in store or online. Morrisons programme of market leading exclusive offers which launched last October for loyalty card members remains a key feature of the new scheme.

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