Premium milkshake brand Shaken Udder’s first major TV campaign is filmed in the unlikely setting of a courtroom, where a milkshake brings out the positive side in everyone, so they all loosen up and see the world in an optimistic light. 

The TV spot by Quiet Storm, called ‘Do what makes you happy’, starts with a stuffy judge who – when he takes a sip of delicious Shaken Udder milkshake – connects with his brighter side. Picking up his gavel and a ballpoint pen, the judge breaks into a spectacular drumming solo that at first stuns the rest of the courtroom, but quickly inspires everyone else to get moving. 

First the court stenographer, then the jury and the janitor join in – because even the most serious of adults can’t help but show their happiness when Shaken Udder is involved. 

Suddenly, everything looks more positive and the whole courtroom is in a cheerful state of mind. The ad puts a spotlight on the joyful spirit that is sparked by drinking a Shaken Udder, ending with the tagline “Do what makes you happy.” 

The TV ad premieres during Coronation Street on Monday 24th April, followed by a spot in the premiere of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here South Africa. It will run exclusively on ITV for four weeks. In addition, OOH activity will go live on 24th April, running until May, with Digital media live throughout the Summer.

The brand has seen incredible incredible success since first launching and is now worth £24.3m with double digit growth of +14.3% year on year* making it the UK’s no.1 premium milkshake brand. The significant media investment marks a key milestone in Shaken Udder’s history and will support its ambitious growth and distribution plans.

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