Fage, Greek recipe strained yoghurt brand, is launching its new Fage Fruits range with a campaign created by Quiet Storm letting consumers know that it’s ‘fruit yoghurt . . . but extra’.

Quiet Storm brings this proposition to life through a cast of colourful characters whose lust for life goes beyond the normal.

In the campaign we meet the Extra Early Indulger, who knows how to make the morning anything but routine by enjoying his Coconut Fage Fruits as he lounges in his luxe silk robe and fluffy slippers. Then there’s the Extra Playful Peacock, whose taste is unapologetically ‘look at me’ in everything from her clothes and decor, to her snack choice – Strawberry Fage Fruits.

They feature in stop frame animations, which tell us: “Extra is better. Extra thick, extra smooth, extra fruity. Fruit yoghurt . . . but extra.”

The campaign broke first on social with Instagram Stories, YouTube, and Paid social display; followed by Digital Out of Home in October.

Anna Coscia, Planning Director at Quiet Storm, said: “Great taste is the key strategy for most fruit yoghurt brands in the market. This is, after all, what fruit yoghurt lovers want. They find plain yoghurt (what Fage is actually associated with!) rather boring. We felt that in launching Fage Fruit we could not ignore the core of the brand and that leveraging it could actually be a strength. Because the unique thick and velvety texture makes the whole eating experience just that little bit richer and more indulgent. Definitely ‘extra’.”

The Fage brand’s origins date back to 1926, when the Filippou family opened a small dairy shop in Athens – although it wasn’t until 1970 that they officially named their famously creamy yoghurt Fage (pronounced fai-ay), which means ‘to eat’ in Greek.

Fage first became available in the UK in the 1980s, quickly establishing its reputation as a deliciously different kind of yoghurt, far more versatile than the watery supermarket options most British consumers were familiar with.

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