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Ways of working

We help you to achieve optimal Ways of Working, through efficient processes and rigorous financial analysis.

Consistent ways of working are essential to achieving marketing excellence but, since every business is unique, a ‘one size’ approach does not fit all.

We create bespoke processes for every brand we work with, based on the individual needs of each business as well as our extensive knowledge of industry best practice.

We create frameworks of marketing structure, roles and responsibilities; clear project development stages with guidelines for timing and approvals; rigorous methodologies for insight generation; and inspiring briefing formats.

We improve both the efficiency and the efficacy of marketing by helping to standardise processes across a company.

“The real value that solving the problem has brought ABG is in eradicating any duplication, getting clarity across the business and providing people with an understanding of what role they need to play and how their role fits in terms of making overall decisions.”

Troy Warfield, CMO, Avis Budget Group

Our senior team

We are accredited members of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA)

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