Vlad Komanicky


Managing Partner

Vlad leads the commercial element of our Marketing Performance services and  brings best-in-class rigour to our procurement & production services. Currently, Vlad is delivering cost savings and increasing production efficiencies for TSB, Samsung, EY and Sainsbury’s.

In his role of Global Category Director for Creative at GSK he led implementation of the Global approach to Agency Management that included global implementation of aligned SOW process and change of commercial model. Vlad also significantly contributed to the transformation of John Lewis’ procurement team when he held Procurement leadership role, overseeing Marketing, Digital and eCommerce categories. He has helped John Lewis to grow from green-field operation to being one of the leading UK procurement organizations. Vlad has also lead Global marketing agencies procurement team at Vodafone where he had lead globalisation of the Marketing Agencies category. His previous roles have been of regional procurement lead at Mars as well as Marketing Manager for event company in Prague.

Vlad has passion for helping clients to raise capability of their Agency Management teams. He has participated in past in ANA Marketing Procurement Mentoring program as well as chairing high-profile Marketing procurement conferences in Europe.

Vlad is a collector of animals and currently has 28 pets ranging from snakes and lizards to plain old dogs and cats.