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Marketing models

Evolving digital technology has changed the marketing dynamic forever.

We recommend the optimal brand/agency model that will deliver the best marketing results for your business.

Brands have historically adopted a number of different approaches to the agency model: for example, the ‘Traditional Model’, in which separate agency relationships are managed individually; or the ‘Lead Model’, where one agency takes the strategic and creative lead.

CMOs are now revisiting and, where needed, reconfiguring the agency model so that it is fit for the ‘digital age’.

We have in-depth experience of working with both major global companies and domestic businesses. We specialise in issues such as roster reorganisation, business unit collaboration, marketing department structure, and development of the tools, skills, and capabilities required to deliver against strategic marketing objectives.

“We set out with a very clear desire to save some money, to be more effective in how we work with agencies and to find more unified ways of working. Oystercatchers helped us achieve this.”

David Wheldon, Brand, Reputation, Citizenship and Marketing, Barclays

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